(Hexagonal nut assembled with free spinning conical spring washer with serrations)


Nut...SWRM (Mild Steel) Washer...SK6, SK7 or S504cm/S65cm (Bright Special Steel Hoop)

ISO M6,M8 & M10
ANSI 1/4",5/16"& 3/8"

Serrations on 3 different parts of the pre-assembled washer nut; on bearing surface of nut,on top of washer and on bottom peripheral rim of washer, enable single clamping action to provide 3 different self-locking effects with high resistance against vibration; (i) by resiliency of spring washer, (ii) by serrations on bottom peripheral rim of washer holding work-surface and (iii) by serrations on nut's bearing surface and on top of washer biting each other.

Most ideal for use in the places where strong self-locking effect and high resistance against vibration are required; Vehicles, electrical appliances, farm-machines, furniture, office-equipment, medical appliances, etc.

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