SPCD (Finished Steel Hoop)

ISO M3 to M8
ANSI #6 to 3/8"

  1. Superseding old manufacturing method, this item is now formed by one stroke with press-machine with precise metal mold.
  2. By volume-production, manufacturing cost is reduced and quality equalized.
  3. Made of finished steel hoop, nuts are light in weight, and surface-treatment is easy for beautiful finish.
  4. Wing is strong enough and is never cracked.
  5. Designed for self-locking effect in the bearing surface.

Torquing test by Osaka Prefecture Industrial Research Institute reported;#6(M3)..12kgs/cm #8(M4)..20kgs/cm #10(M5)..32kgs/cm 1/4"(M6)..54kgs/cm 5/16(M8)..182kgs/cm

Ideal for the products which must be light in weight and do not need frequent fastening and removal;TV-antenna,and other light electrical appliances, wooden furniture, etc.

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