Industrial Properties owned by O.P.G

  Our original techniques assure of future success.

  The patents listed below show the result of our many years' painstaking endeavours and

  studies, which we trust will be the bases for our future technical developments.


Industrial properties owned by O.P.G Patents

No. Descriptions
637955  Method to manufacture nuts preassembled with washers
637956  Manufacturing device of nuts to be assembled with washers
723677  Manufacturing method of stamped wing nuts
727355  Manufacturing method of stamped wing bolts
871760  Manufacturing equipment for wing nuts
897143  Nut/washer assembling machine
988478  Continuous production devices of heads of bolts and pins having recessions in the middle
1035833  Manufacturing method of nylon lock nuts preassembled with washers
1069447  Vibration-testing device
1269629  Manufacturing method of cap nuts
1278911  Manufacturing method of turnbuckles
1326362  Measuring instrument of fastener's axial force
1390403  Turnbuckles and their manufacturing equipment
1435091  Tapping machines of nuts
1599588  Transfer units by pneumatic control

Patents for new devices

No. Descriptions
888303  Material feeding machine with uniform space/interval
947961  Locknuts preassembled with loosening preventing washers
955244  Loosening-prevention device like plate pendulum
1014007  Nuts preassembled with washers made of metal sheet
1025775  Locknuts
1027460  Assembling device of nuts and washers
1064125  Wing bolts and wing screws
1064126  Wing nuts
1093014  Wing bolts
1185695  Wing bolts
1301180  Loosening-prevention device of nuts assembled with washers 
1438368  Wing bolts

Registration of designs

No. Descriptions
330828  Wing bolt
330829  Wing nut
341908  Wing bolt preassembled with washer              
341888  Wing nut preassembled with washer
377397  Wing nut
377843  Wing nut
396954  Wing bolt
510228  Nut
549736  Welded nut
581785  Turnbuckle
581793  Turnbuckle
610480  Nut preassembled with washer
610481  Nut preassembled with washer
613162  Wing nut

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